Special announcement from Insurgent Theatre!

June of 2011 Insurgent Theatre started co-producing Solidarity Showcases with RedBird Prison Abolition. Our purpose in these events is manifold. First, to identify and encourage the sharing of talents and joyful experiences among the local radical community. Second, to disseminate information about the expanding powers of the modern police state. Third, to create a politicized space in Columbus for the performing arts to occur. Finally, and most obviously, to raise money for people facing state repression.

To these ends we've hosted five performances, four of which were anarchist variety shows (sort of a glorified open mic). At these events we raised over $750 for various defendants, including: The Lucasville Uprising Negotiators, The Mount Hope Infinity, The Asheville Eleven, the Toronto G20 arrestees and RNC8 (though, turns out they didn't need it, so we gave more to the Toronto folks).

We recognize that the armchair insurrectionals on anarchist news who frequently insist that financial solidarity is just a charity aren't entirely wrong. On the other hand, we're not ready to enter some kind of fantasy of reprisals and wars of attrition with the cops (and neither are most of the insurrectionals who adopt such a posture). Instead, we're going to admit and embrace the role of fundraiser in these events, by doing like the corporate donors do, and matching funds.

That's right, the first $300 raised at one of our Solidarity Showcases is matched from the meager accounts of Insurgent Theatre! We've already turned that $750 into $1500. We'll keep this up as long as we can afford to, and we suspect that will be quite a while. Not because we have or make a lot of money, but because we're real good at not spending it. Extreme frugality opens many doors.

Contact us: insurgent.ben@gmail.com or (419) 528-8169